Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Green Witch Lunar Witch blog! Before contacting us or submitting your work, please review the guidelines below.

Who is Eligible to Submit Articles?

Anyone is eligible, although work will be accepted or declined at the moderator’s discretion. Preferences are given to contributors who meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Has previously published articles on spiritual topics

  • Owns a reputable shop specializing in holistic/spiritual items

  • Manages an established website, podcast, social media page, etc.

  • Is a certified instructor and/or knowledgeable practitioner of the craft

  • Actively engages with the holistic community

If you don’t fall into any of those categories, you can still be considered! Please note that the moderator’s goal is to feature work that aligns with the tone of the website. The moderator may accept or reject any work that doesn’t fit, even if the author meets the above criteria.

  • Free Exposure: There is no submission fee to submit work, and guest blogging is a great way to expand your online reach outside of your own network. Authors are highly encouraged to submit a short bio so their work can be properly credited. Pseudonyms are acceptable. Your work is still your work — GWLW is just offering you a platform to publish it! 

  • Backlinks: If you have a website, online store, or social media pages, you are welcome to include links in your article (if relevant) and author bio. Every time you have an article published under your bio, you gain links to your website. Backlinks are important to help boost your SEO. (Note: the moderator will verify that any links you provide go to valid, credible web pages. If your links are deemed to be spam or low quality, they will be removed.)

  • Authority: Contributing to other websites helps to demonstrate your expertise on a certain topic or industry. It improves your credibility and bolsters your résumé.

Are Contributors Compensated for Their Work?

At this time, contributors are not paid for their submissions. This website is managed by a sole writer, not a company with multiple employees and a steady stream of revenue. All articles are voluntarily submitted for free online exposure rather than monetary compensation.

Article Guidelines

  • Be relevant. If you aren’t familiar with GWLW, please spend some time on the website before submitting your work. This site focuses on nature and spirituality with an emphasis on the earth, seasons, herbs, Wheel of the Year, and moon. 

  • Be kind. Keep an open mind and positive attitude in your writing. This website is meant to record personal journies and educate those who are interested in a spiritual lifestyle. It is not the place to spout hatred, prejudice, judgment, or contempt for beliefs that differ from your own.

  • Give credit. Cite original, credible sources when relevant. Make sure your links are directed to valid, high-authority websites. Avoid citing articles that are more than 3 years old.

  • Avoid self-promotion. Save that for your author bio. Please disclose any relationships/partnerships you have with sources in your article. Relevant personal examples are acceptable (i.e. discussing your experience as an entrepreneur or personal rituals you practice as part of your craft).

  • No preaching. GWLW adopts an atheistic approach to its articles. This means that you’re welcome to mention deities and mythologies that are relevant to your topic (especially in a historical sense) as long as you are not attempting to preach a specific religion with the intent to convert or lecture. The spiritual messages presented on this website should be adaptable to ANY religious or spiritual belief.

  • No plagiarism. Copying any material without crediting a source is unacceptable and will result in a ban from future contributions.

  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. The moderator will review your work and make corrections when appropriate to ensure high-quality articles. Please use the Oxford comma (for consistency with the other articles) and proofread your work for typos. Submissions that require significant editing will be rejected or sent back for revision.

  • Complete work. Pitches or samples will not be accepted. Only finished, edited articles are eligible for consideration.

  • Word count: There is no minimum or maximum word count. Please write enough to engage the audience without being too wordy or stuffing your article with unnecessary fluff. An ideal goal is 800 – 1,200 words, but shorter or longer articles will be accepted if they’re fully developed and well-written.

Bio Guidelines

  • Keep it short — no more than 3 sentences.

  • Write your bio in third-person POV and present tense.

  • Include any relevant experience you have that demonstrates your credibility on the subject matter.

  • If applicable, you may include links to your website(s) and relevant social media pages.

  • If you do not have a Gravatar account, GWLW highly recommends that you create one (don’t worry, it’s free). The email address you provide with your submission must match your Gravatar account in order to display your avatar. Inappropriate images may result in your article being rejected or your bio being incomplete.


  • The moderator may accept or reject submissions at her sole discretion.

  • GWLW will review all submissions to ensure the writing is high quality and consistent with the style of this website. The moderator may make minor edits such as fixing typos, spelling / grammatical / punctuation errors, readability issues, sentence flow, inconsistencies, etc. If edits are made, the revised version will be sent back to the author for final approval prior to publication.

  • Due to time constraints, the moderator cannot accept works that require extensive editing. If the idea is there but the writing isn’t, GWLW may make a soft rejection with some notes for improvement and invite the author to resubmit the article after making the requested revisions.

  • Ads and affiliate links may be added to your article when it’s live on the GWLW website. Authors are NOT allowed to add their own affiliate links UNLESS they disclose these links to the moderator beforehand and are given approval.

How to Submit

Please complete the form below to submit your work. Additional notes:

  • Do NOT email attachments. Please type or paste your article directly into the box.

  • Put links in parentheses — the moderator will check all URLs and add the links directly into the article when building it in WordPress. Example: Green Witch Lunar Witch ( is a website about spiritual journeys.

  • If your article is accepted, you can expect a response within 4 weeks. Please do not send your article to other publications during this pending period. The moderator does her best to reply to rejected work as well, but if you have not heard from GWLW within the specified time period, consider it a pass and feel free to submit your work elsewhere.

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