May 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse of the Flower Blood Moon

May 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse of the Flower Blood Moon

This year, stargazers and selenophiles are being treated to a rare, powerful lunar eclipse during May’s Flower Moon, turning it into a Blood Moon. Learn all about the May 2022 lunar eclipse, when to watch it, and how that energy can be used to amplify your full-moon rituals.

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What Is a Blood Moon?

Simply put, a Blood Moon is another name for a total lunar eclipse.

During a total eclipse, the moon passes through two phases of the Earth’s shadow. The outer edge is called the penumbra, while the darkest part of the shadow in the center is referred to as the umbra.

As the moon passes from the penumbra to the umbra, rays from the sun bend around the Earth. The atmosphere scatters short wavelengths (blue/green), leaving the moon with a reddish, orangish tint. It’s a similar phenomenon to atmospheric particles scattering light rays to give sunrises and sunsets their vibrant, warm colors.

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Unlike with a solar eclipse, when the moon completely blocks out the sun, the moon is still visible during a total lunar eclipse. The umbra casts a red shadow across the moon’s surface, but you’ll still be able to see it.

Over the course of several hours, the moon will transform from bright white to a deep, coppery red. This is why a lunar eclipse is known as a Blood Moon.

What Is a Flower Moon?

Every month has at least one full moon, and every moon has a name. If there are two full moons in the same calendar month, the second full moon is known as a Blue Moon.

May’s full moon is called the Flower Moon. It also goes by other names, including the Milk Moon, Motherโ€™s Moon, Frog Moon, or Corn Planting Moon.

Many of the full moons’ names came from early Native American tribes as a way to keep track of the seasons. Some moons, like the Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, and Pink Moon, were based on the seasonal flora. Others, like the Hunter’s Moon and Harvest Moon, reflected tribal activities (like hunting and harvesting) during that time of the year. And other moons, such as the Wolf Moon, Buck Moon, and Beaver Moon, were named based on animal activities throughout the year.

Learn more about the Flower Moon here, and see the full list of 2022’s full moons here.

Is It Safe To Watch a Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse, unlike a solar eclipse, is safe to observe with the naked eye. You won’t need any special glasses or lenses to watch the Flower Blood Moon eclipse.

For the best view of the full moon as it passes through Earth’s shadow, you’ll want to find a clear, unobstructed view away from bright lights. The peak of the eclipse will be short, but the coppery-red hues of the moon will change throughout the night, so you’ll still have a great show even if you miss part of the eclipse.

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What Spiritual Energy Will the Flower Blood Moon Eclipse Bring?

The full moon alone brings potent energy, but when combined with the intensity of a Blood Moon, it’s like multiplying the moon’s power by a thousand.

A Blood Moon eclipse symbolizes a closing door, the end of a chapter, and a prominent shift in the soul’s spiritual journey. It’s time to embrace closure. If you’ve been hanging on to something for too long, now is the time to let it go and move on.

Although it can be difficult to cut ties and embrace a monumental change, remember that life is a cycle. Every new beginning starts with an ending. Believe that you are where you are meant to be, and all will fall into place.

As the powerful energy of the Flower Blood Moon eclipse builds, you may feel the need to retreat, contemplate, and conserve your energy for the challenges ahead. That’s okay. Remember that a flower builds its energy inside the bud before it blooms โ€” do what your mind, body, and soul need so you can bloom, too.

The power of the eclipse will likely be with you for days or even weeks after it ends. Pay attention to your intuition and inner voice. This is an excellent time to seek guidance from your favorite oracle or tarot deck, runes, and other divination tools. The eclipse is also a wonderful opportunity to make moon water and cleanse your home.

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When to Watch the 2022 Flower Blood Moon Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse will be visible in much of Africa, Europe, South America, and most of North America on Sunday night and early Monday morning. Here are the times you need to know for the eclipse, according to

EventUTC TimeEDT Time
Penumbral Eclipse beginsMay 16 at 01:32:05May 15 at 9:32:05 pm
Partial Eclipse beginsMay 16 at 02:27:52May 15 at 10:27:52 pm
Full Eclipse beginsMay 16 at 03:29:03May 15 at 11:29:03 pm
Maximum EclipseMay 16 at 04:11:28May 15 at 12:11:28 pm
Full Eclipse endsMay 16 at 04:53:55May 15 at 12:53:55 pm
Partial Eclipse endsMay 16 at 05:55:07May 16 at 1:55:07 am
Penumbral Eclipse endsMay 16 at 06:50:49May 16 at 2:50:49 am

If it’s a cloudy night or you can’t get a good view of the moon, not to worry โ€” you can watch the eclipse live with NASA:

The Flower Blood Moon eclipse is guaranteed to be a magical, breathtaking, powerful night. Are you ready to experience the first lunar eclipse of 2022?

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