What is a Corn Moon? The August Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

What is a Corn Moon? The August Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

Every full moon is named for the season, and August’s is called the Corn Moon.

We can thank the early Native American tribes for most of the moon names we still use today. The lunar cycles were a way for people to keep track of time without the 365-day calendar. Tribes christened the moon based on the flora, fauna, weather, and tribe activities during the seasons.

The Corn Moon is also sometimes referred to as the Red MoonSturgeon Moon, Barley Moon, Green Corn Moon, or Grain Moon.

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When is the Full Corn Moon?

The Corn Moon falls in August toward the end of the month. It comes after the Buck Moon in June and the Harvest Moon in September, although every third year, the Corn Moon is late and appears in early September, resulting in an October blue moon.

This year, the Corn Moon will reach its peak on August 11, 2022 at 9:36 p.m. ET.

Full Corn Moon Meaning

The Corn Moon represents the early harvest. In the Midwest, there’s a saying that a healthy corn crop should be “knee-high by the Fourth of July.” By August, the corn is tall and green but starting to turn brown before the harvest.

Many of the alternative names for the Full Corn Moon are also attributed to the grain harvests. The fishing tribes know August’s moon as the Sturgeon Moon since this type of fish is abundant in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, and they’re easily caught in large quantities.

How to Celebrate and Honor the Full Corn Moon

The harvest time associated with the Corn Moon is also reflected in the personal intentions and symbolism as we celebrate the full moon. This is a time to focus on the positives in your life that can be collected, appreciated, and even stored for later.

It’s important to remember that the harvest is a time for both appreciation and preparation. Winter was a difficult time for ancient people, so while they were grateful for the bounty they reaped from the harvest, they were also mindful of the difficult times ahead and stored their food appropriately.

We apply this same mindset during our meditation and full moon ceremonies. What sacrifices can you make today that will help you through tough times later? The Corn Moon is also the early harvest, which means we gather some of our rewards but not all of them yet.

Common altar colors for the Corn Moon are yellowred, and orange. Seasonal flowers and scavenged natural items are always good additions, as are tigers eye, garnet, red agate, and carnelian as the primary crystals.

Making moon water is a wonderful way to tap into the Corn Moon’s prosperity. You might also consider holding a harvest ritual and doing some protection magic as you prepare for the darkest part of the year.

Remember, however you celebrate the full moon is completely up to you and on your own schedule. There is no right or wrong way; just do what feels best for you.

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