The Heart of a Green Witch

The Heart of a Green Witch

The soul of a green witch lies in the forest, in the garden, in the wilderness… wherever they can be surrounded by plants. Green witches love to fill their homes with plants and herbs, turning their living space into a green space. They feel connected to the life all around them—the lungs of the Earth.

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Modern Witches

If you’ve never heard of a green witch before and immediately conjured an image of Elphaba from the Wizard of Oz cackling over a cauldron, you’re thinking of “witch” in its old term of a malevolent, supernatural being.

But there are many modern witches today. No, they aren’t eating children like Hansel and Gretel, and no, they don’t worship Satan.

“Witch” is actually a broad term that encompasses many different types of people who are spiritually connected with nature. Witches can have any religious affiliation or none at all, and they may or may not practice spell casting and hexing.

But they do have two things in common: they’re in touch with the Earth and the energy of the universe, and they’re aware of their own power within.

Types of Witches

It’s not uncommon for witches to feel a pull toward different aspects of the craft. If you hadn’t guessed, I’m drawn to both the green witch attributes as well as the lunar witch, which makes sense since the Earth and Moon are intricately connected. Below is a brief list of other types:

Augury witches study and utilize omens, signs, and symbols.

Celtic witches worship the old Celtic deities and magic.

Cosmic witches study the cosmos, astrology, and astronomy, incorporating celestial energy into their craft. Also known as star witches.

Danic witches are a branch of the Wicca that honors a female goddess (most other Wiccans, also known as modern pagans, worship a god and goddess).

Eclectic witches embrace all types of magic and incorporate pieces of many different practices into their craft. Many witches identify in this category because it allows them to pick certain elements of each practice and tailor their own personal practice.

Elemental witches work closely with the five elements—fire, water, air, earth, and spirit.

Faerie witches are a subset of the Celtic witch category. They worship fae deities and nature.

Green witches focus on Mother Earth and plants, especially gardening and herbal remedies. They’re also known as garden or forest witches.

Hearth witches practice magic that blesses the home. They’re also known as cottage or kitchen witches.

Hedge witches practice communicating with the spiritual world, entering a state of altered consciousness, and astral projecting. The “hedge” represents the boundary between our world and the spiritual realm.

Hellenic witches worship the Greek gods and goddesses.

Hereditary witches can trace their heritage along the family tree and pass their teachings down to the next generation.

Lunar witches celebrate the cycles of the moon as periods as personal growth and rebirth.

Norse witches are based on the old Scandinavian religions.

Sea witches are drawn to water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, and oceans.

Secular witches are non-spiritual and do not worship any deities.

Traditional witches are deeply seated in the “old” ways and history of the craft.

Not sure what type of witch you are? Take a quiz to find out if you’re an augury, cosmic, eclectic, elemental, green, hearth, hedge, lunar, or sea witch!

Herb leaves

What Makes a Green Witch Special?

Green witches are very close to nature and are highly connected to the energy of the Earth. The practice of earthing, or making therapeutic skin contact with the earth for a period of time to utilize the transfer of free electrons, is an important practice.

Green witches have green thumbs and take great pleasure in tending to a garden or collection of herbs and houseplants, often incorporating the greenery into their rituals and even cooking.

In addition to a close connection to the flora of Mother Earth, green witches also draw energy from abiotic elements as well, such as stones, minerals, and crystals. They’re in tune with the seasonal shifts and how that affects the landscape. Their altars may be decorated with flowers, leaves, pine cones, acorns and other nuts, crystals, stones, and twigs. They may have two altars—one indoors, and one outdoors.

Ways to Celebrate Being a Green Witch

Outdoor activities will be especially satisfying! Hiking, foraging, gardening, earthing, and meditating outdoors will help to quiet your mind, especially if you’re able to travel far enough away from civilization to escape from the constant noise and hubbub. Being in the middle of nature unable to hear sirens, cars, honking, conversations, and construction may be a remedy you didn’t realize you needed.

Honoring the Wheel of the Year celebrations as well as lunar cycles allows green witches to stay in tune with the seasonal shifts and activities of Mother Earth. Winter is a time for sleep and restoration. Spring brings rebirth and new beginnings. Summer is a time of light and fulfillment. Autumn reaps the benefits of your hard work and positive manifestations while winding down to reevaluate new goals and rest again as winter returns.

Caring for houseplants brings a deep sense of satisfaction to green witches. The loving nature of checking each plant and dispensing water and fertilizer, repotting when necessary, pruning, dividing, propagating, and rearranging the collection blankets the minds in a therapeutic focus when a green witch connects with the plants within his or her care. Propagating new shoots and sharing with friends is an intense gesture of trust and love.

Experimenting with herbs in cooking is often a fun activity for green witches, who may also grow herbs in the garden and then harvest and dry them. Some green witches like to specialize in learning the medicinal properties of native plants and herbs.

Monthly subscription boxes can be a phenomenal way to tap into your inner witch! Boxes can be tailored to match any witch’s affinity, especially green witches. It’s something to look forward to each month, and it helps remind you to take some time for yourself and discover your personal tastes for the craft. Be sure to check out my top picks for plant subscription boxes and witchy/spiritual subscription boxes for recommendations.

To all my fellow green witches out there, it’s a joy connecting with you! Please share your favorite activities, rituals, et cetera so we can learn from each other. I’d love to hear how you’ve embraced your green witch identity!

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