How to Make, Use, & Store Moon Water | 5 Easy Steps

How to Make, Use, & Store Moon Water | 5 Easy Steps

Moon water has been charged by the energy of the moon. It’s a simple process that’s great for beginners and can be expanded upon as you become a veteran in your craft. While a full moon is the most powerful, you can also harness the power of a dark moon (the three nights of the new moon phase when the moon is not visible to us on Earth).

Lunar eclipse phases
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What is Moon Water Used For?

This specially charged water has many uses, both in spiritual rituals and in your everyday routine. Moon water is commonly used to:

• Display on your altar during a ritual, often used to represent the pagan Goddess but can simply represent Mother Nature and the power of the moon if you do not worship the Goddess

• Bless your home, your altar, your crystals, and other magical tools, even yourself

• Add a few drops to your bathwater

• Use to wash your hair and/or face as part of your normal beauty regiment

• Water your houseplants or garden to transfer the positive energy to the plants for growth

• Write sigils and/or other magical symbols above doorways, on your body, on your sacred objects and tools, et cetera

• Use in a vase and add cut flowers from your garden

• Add to a diffuser or humidifier to enhance the energy of your living space

• Add to paint to imbue your artwork with new energy (if painting is your thing, and depending on what kind of paint you use)

• Add to leftover ash from incense, smudging, candle spells, et cetera to create a magically charged mixture you can use to draw sigils and symbols, anoint candles, cast spells, et cetera

• Drink a few sips or add to tea or regular water, keeping in mind that if you plan to ingest your moon water, you should do so right after charging it to ensure it’s fresh and safe to drink (best practice is to not use crystals in the water if this is your intended use)

• Use for cooking or baking if you make a large enough batch (keeping in mind the same warning above)

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How to Make Moon Water in 5 Easy Steps

Making moon water is a simple yet highly rewarding process enjoyed by both beginners and longtime practitioners. Ready to make your own batch of moon water? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Select Your Vessel

Glass is best, and you’ll want to choose a vessel that can be sealed. You can use an old-fashioned or ornate glass bottle, but it’s not necessary; a washed mason jar is perfectly fine. You may wish to rinse the vessel with saltwater beforehand to remove any negative energy.

Your vessel can be any color glass you’d like. If you want to match the color of your vessel to your specific intentions, here is a list of possibilities:

• Clear: focus, clarity

• Frosted: protection, healing

• Pink: love, friendship, relationships

• Red: passion, sex

• Amber: good fortune

• Green: health, prosperity, wealth

• Blue: divination, peace

• Purple: spirit, personal strength

Step 2: Decorate Your Jar (Optional)

Feel free to decorate your jar as you please— you are limited only by your imagination! Use ribbons, stickers, glitter, paint (but don’t paint the whole jar; you want the moonlight to shine through).

Step 3: Fill with Water + Crystals or Other Sacred Objects (Optional)

Natural spring water is a great choice, but it will have a short shelf life, so make sure you use it before the next full moon and use common sense before ingesting it if it doesn’t seem quite right after sitting for too long.

You can also use purified, distilled, or tap water. If you don’t usually drink your tap water, consider filtering or boiling it prior to use. If you use river, lake, or ocean water, do not ingest your moon water, and make sure to use it quickly before it spoils due to the living microbes it contains.

Keeping your moon water in the fridge will extend the shelf life.

You can use pure water on its own, or, if you wish to further amplify the energy, you can add sea salt or sacred objects such as shells, a crystal, a stone, a talisman, et cetera. Herbs, flowers, or cuttings are not recommended, as these can rot if they sit in the water for a long period of time.

Also be mindful of crystals that are prone to fading, dissolving, or breaking apart in water; be sure to do your research prior to selecting your crystal.

Rose Quartz: Love, friendship, relationships

Clear Quartz: Amplifies the lunar and spiritual energy of a full moon, also promotes healing

Smoky Quartz: Amplifies the lunar and spiritual energy of a dark moon

Amethyst: Spiritual protection (this crystal fades in direct sunlight, so be sure not to leave your jar out too long after sunrise)

Citrine: Health

Tiger’s Eye: Good fortune, prosperity, protection

You may also consider using a Zodiac stone that is connected to either you or the full moon you are using. Make sure you have purified your crystal before you begin.

If you’re not 100% sure about your crystal of choice, air on the side of caution and don’t add it to any moon water you intend to consume. I have a glass water bottle with a crystal fixed inside, and I personally love making moon water in it since the container and crystal are ready to go and safe for drinking.

Alternatively, if you don’t put a crystal directly in the moon water, you can set the stone on the lid or surround your vessel with the desired crystals if you wish to harness their energy without potentially making your moon water undrinkable.

Step 4: Seal Your Vessel & Place It in a Location Where It Will Receive the Moon’s Direct Rays

I prefer setting it outside for maximum impact, but you can also leave it on an altar or windowsill. If possible, set your moon water out after sunset but before moonrise, and try to remove the vessel first thing in the morning, preferably before the sun rises.

(I’m NOT a morning person, so I leave my moon water out for most of the night and bring it inside when I go to bed in the early a.m.)

Step 5: Imbue Your Intentions

You can further enhance your moon water by imbuing it with your intentions. This can include chanting a mantra, singing or humming, holding the vessel to your heart and concentrating, holding it while meditating, smudging the sealed jar, and/or asking the moon or a deity to bless your water. There is no wrong way; do whatever feels right for you in the moment.

Don’t be alarmed if it’s a cloudy night or the moonlight isn’t able to directly touch your water. The power, energy, and intention will still have an effect, although it won’t be quite as potent.

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How to Store Moon Water

It’s good practice to label your moon water with the date and moon phase. If you know it, you might want to include the astrological phase the moon was in at the time.

Choose a dark storage place. Ideally, only lunar energy should ever touch the water if possible. You might consider wrapping your vessel in a sacred cloth, scarf, or other covering that’s meaningful to you so the moon water is always kept in the dark.

If you choose to store your moon water in the refrigerator, keep in mind that water expands when it’s cold, especially if it starts to freeze at the back of the fridge, so don’t fill your vessel all the way to the top.

Full Moon Water vs. Dark Moon Water

The full moon is the most powerful night for positive intentions. This is a good time to focus on personal growth, relationships, career goals, healing, love, purification, enlightenment, divination, et cetera.

The process to create moon water under a dark moon is the same, although the intentions will be different. This moon is particularly useful for releasing, banishing, protecting, and completing cycles. Consider using a dark-colored bottle and different crystals such as smoky quartz to align with your intentions (again, though, be sure to do your research before putting crystals in water).

There are other moons that work well for moon water. You can harness the power of a blue moon, a supermoon, or a lunar eclipse. In fact, every phase of the moon holds power, although certain moons are more powerful and easier to harness than others.

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