How to Choose the Right Smoke Cleansing Material for Your Spiritual Needs

How to Choose the Right Smoke Cleansing Material for Your Spiritual Needs

Smoke cleansing, also known as smudging in certain cultures, is a powerful tool for sacred and spiritual rituals, whether you’re praying to a deity, honoring an ancestor or loved one, celebrating one of the Sabbats, performing a full or new moon ritual, meditating, or any other important time. While the most common materials are sage and palo santo, there are a variety of different materials on the market or even in your backyard, depending on where you live.

Below is a list of materials that can be used for smoke cleansing rituals.

Depending on your spiritual needs and personal preferences when it comes to fragrances (earthy, sweet, citrus, herbal, woody), you may do well to find mixed bundles or create your own with local, sustainably sourced harvests from your garden or neighborhood.

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Lifts the spirit and attracts positive energy


Heals and protects, removes intuition blocks, especially good for soothing a broken heart


Reduces anxiety


Steadies the mind and promotes happiness


Boosts mood, protects and heals, helps to calm the mind and promote success

Blue Sage

Clears negative energy and heals

Blue Spruce

Welcomes peace and tranquility into a space


Purification and ceremony


Banishes fear, removes negative energies, enhances psychic connections, great for grounding rituals


Increases energy and motivation, also welcomes luck, prosperity, and healing


Enhances spiritual vibrations and drives away hostility and negativity


Connecting to spirits and the element of air, often used for divination.

Desert Sage

(Desert rose), wards off negative feelings and influences


Protection and luck


Boosts health and energy, offers protection




Represents love and friendship, helps to soothe the mind and bring peace and joy, great for relaxation


Cleanses and purifies, removes mental blockages, energizes, encourages clarity and focus


Soothes, relaxes, grounds oneself


(Catnip) represents love, beauty, and happiness within a sacred space

Palo Santo

Known as “holy wood,” clears negativity and promotes healing


Refreshes and soothes, promotes spiritual awareness


Cleansing, protection, and prosperity, associated with good health and blessing the home


Removes negative energies and encourages a sense of peace and calm


Boosts memory and removes mind blocks

White Sage

Known for its antibacterial properties, it’s effective at clearing the negative energies not only from people and spaces, but also objects


Can be added to sage or other bundles, adds color and vibrancy, dispels negativity, promotes happiness and wellbeing


Dispels fear, good for protection and promoting long-lasting love

Yerba Santa

Best for protection and setting boundaries

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