What Type of Witch Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

What Type of Witch Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

There are many different variations to the craft. Some witches worship pagan deities, some incorporate witchcraft into a monotheistic religion, and others take an atheistic approach and simply honor Nature in its many wonders, but all witches do have one thing in common: a close, intimate relationship with the natural world around them.

Some witches find themselves drawn to water. Others, the moon. Some prefer to keep their gazes skyward and track the planetary orbits while others would rather be in the kitchen experimenting with fresh herbs grown on the windowsill.

What pulls you? What captures your attention and inspires you? The series of questions in this quiz may help to illuminate your predominant tendencies and help you focus on the strongest aspect of your craft. The witch affinities included in the answer choices include:

Augury | Symbol-oriented: runes, talismans, sigils, tarot/oracle cards

Cosmic | Stars, planetary movements, astrology, astronomy

Eclectic | Versatile, drawing inspiration from different cultures and rituals

Elemental | Strong connection to the Earth and all of the elements

Green | Strong connection to the forests and plant life

Hearth | Also known as a cottage or kitchen witch

Hedge | Works with the spirit realm and astral plane, deeply connected to ancestors

Lunar | Strong connection to the moon and its phases

Sea | Strong connection to bodies of water

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