Welcome to Green Witch Lunar Witch!

Welcome to Green Witch Lunar Witch!


I’ve been on a recent journey of personal growth and discovery that started in college. Learning about other cultures and questioning the path I wanted to walk in life raised deep questions I hadn’t pondered before.

As my religious perception of the world transformed into spiritual perception, I embraced my lifelong love of plants and awe of the moon to fill the void left behind where the religious teachings I’d been indoctrinated with as a child used to be.

I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge. This is a place for me to share what I’ve learned and document the journey, and also for me to connect with like-minded people. I want the knowledge I’ve collected to be accessible to anyone who, like me, is searching for something.

The articles on this website take an atheistic approach to green and holistic living.

By that, I don’t mean that I am pushing atheism or alienating religious visitors by attempting to dissuade their beliefs. I believe spiritual practices can be observed by anyone regardless of the deity/deities you worship, if you choose to worship any at all. You can arrange an altar and pray to the pagan gods, the Wiccan God and Goddess, Yahweh, Allah, Odin, Zeus, or any other deity when celebrating the seasonal changes and lunar cycles.

Or, if you do not worship a particular deity, you can simply honor the earth and the cycles of the universe as you focus inward on your personal spirituality. Any of the practices here can be adapted to fit your religious or spiritual needs.

Who am I? I’m an award-winning fantasy author, artist, photographer, and entrepreneur exploring my spirituality. The hoodie I’m wearing on the left is my own design, which you can find in my RedBubble store. Learn more about my fantasy series on my official website. Like my witch hat? Buy it here on Amazon!


I’ve always found comfort and satisfaction in caring for houseplants, but I’m expanding my knowledge by learning more about them. Propagation techniques, health benefits, alternative uses besides just looking pretty in a windowsill. I’m here to share what I’ve learned, continue learning and growing, and appreciate Nature and its magick.


I first found solace in celebrating Yule, honoring the winter solstice, and finding the light in the dead of winter, and then later, celebrating Imbolc. I started setting aside time on the night of the new moon and the full moon to arrange a candlelit alter, ceremoniously cleanse my home with sage, and meditate. Sometimes I performed a simple candle spell.


Taking the time out of the nonstop rush to sit, clear my thoughts, and simply appreciate the shifting moon and the comfort of her repetitive cycle even during the chaos of the world brought me immeasurable peace… more than prayer ever did. I’m still learning so much about the various practices, and once again, I’m here to share what I’ve learned, from crystal properties, to candle spells, to smoke cleansing (smudging), to pagan holidays, and everything in between.

If you’re like me and you feel like you’ve been missing something, I hope you find it here. Or, if you’re simply looking to expand your knowledge about plants and simple, wholesome witchcraft practices, you’ll find that here, too.Β Thank you for being on this journey with me.

All the best,


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Award-winning fantasy author, freelance writer, spiritual explorer, and sole founder of Green Witch Lunar Witch. She created her first website in 2016 and published her first novel two years later. Sara spends most of her time writing, creating, and daydreaming.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Green Witch Lunar Witch!

  1. “As my religious perception of the world transformed into a spiritual perception, I embraced my lifelong love of plants and awe of the moon to fill the void left behind where the religious teachings I’d been indoctrinated with as a child used to be.”

    WOW, that really resonated with me! I’m in a similar position. <3

    1. Sounds like we might be kindred spirits on a similar path! Best of luck on your journey! Please feel free to reach out anytime πŸ–€

  2. Dear fellow witch, Sara of a million souls,

    I’m moved by your work here. I was reading up on the Buck Moon when I found myself in a deep dive on your website. I sense myself looking in a mirror when I read your words, touched by a renewed sense of inspiration and delight. It would be a pleasure to write to each other we walk the witch path. I’m Liv, by the way. So happy I found you. πŸ„πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ„


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