What is a Beaver’s Moon? The Full Moon’s Name & Meaning

What is a Beaver’s Moon? The Full Moon’s Name & Meaning

Early Native American tribes named each full moon of the month based on the seasons and what they yielded or represented. The Beaver’s Moon is also sometimes referred to as the Frost Moon.

When does the Beaver’s Moon occur?

The Beaver’s Moon falls in late November. It comes after the Hunter’s Moon, when the fattened game is hunted in the cleared fields, and the Cold Moon, when winter has arrived and much of the world is in hibernation.

How did it earn its name?

With winter quickly approaching, this was the time of year for Native American tribes and European trappers to set their beaver traps before the temperature dropped and the swamps and ponds froze over. The beavers, who have preparing for winter, will soon retreat into their lodges, which are their small, dome-shaped “houses” made by weaving together sticks, grasses, and mosses, all held together with mud.

Honoring the Beaver’s Moon

This moon arrives after the leaves have fallen and a cold calm is starting to fall on the Northern Hemisphere. We are deeper into the restful transition phase of the year, preparing to hunker down for winter just as the beavers are. It’s a time of reflection and gratefulness. The end of the year is a good time to look back on your journey and consider the goals you had set at the beginning of the year. Did you reach them? Even if you haven’t yet, did you progress in the right direction? Why or why not? What can you learn from your achievements and failures when you’re ready to set new intentions?

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For more information on full moons, see the 2021 full moon calendar with names, dates, and meanings here.


6 thoughts on “What is a Beaver’s Moon? The Full Moon’s Name & Meaning

  1. I had so much fun doing a ritual with this moon! I’ve been slacking really badly lately, but here’s to manifesting your dreams 🖤

    1. I can relate! It’s hard to consistently make time to unplug and meditate, but so worthwhile for your mental and spiritual wellbeing. Full moon blessings 🖤

  2. I always love learning the lore and history behind stuff like this! I always thought it was so silly to give the moon so many different names until I started learning things like this.

    1. Agreed! I never used to understand the names either, but the more research I did, the more I became intrigued by what the moons represented for each season.

    1. Yes! It’s a great starter subscription, especially because it comes at different levels with different price points. So you can start small and then invest in the bigger boxes if you love it.

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