What is a Pink Moon? The April Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

What is a Pink Moon? The April Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

Every month has at least one full moon, and each full moon has a name. Early Native American tribes christened the moons to reflect the season, whether that was in the form of the weather, flora, fauna, or tribe’s activities such as hunting or harvesting.

The Pink Moon is also sometimes referred to as the Egg Moon, Grass Moon, Budding Moon, or Fish Moon.

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When Is the Pink Moon?

The Pink Moon falls in April. It comes after the Worm Moon at the early onset of spring and the Flower Moon in May when blossoms are abundant.

This year, the Pink Moon will reach its peak on April 16, 2022 at 2:55 p.m. ET.

Why Is the April Full Moon Called a “Pink Moon”?

The Pink Moon shines on a landscape that is quickly bursting back to life with color. One of the earliest wildflowers to bloom is phlox, which is known for carpeting the ground in blankets of vibrant pink blooms.

While phlox is the main contributor to the moon’s name, other pink-toned spring blossoms such as magnolia, cherry, and crabapple are also opening around this time.

Pink phlox

Spiritual Meaning of the Pink Moon: How to Honor the April Full Moon

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the Pink Moon, it helps to know that the spiritual meaning of this moon is centered around romance, love, friendship, passion, and creativity.

Any month’s full moon is an excellent time to make moon water and charge your crystals, and the Pink Moon is no exception. Rose quartz has properties that resonate particularly well with the energy of this full moon, so if you’re looking to do crystal work, that one is an excellent choice.

When performing a full moon ritual during the Pink Moon, take some time to meditate on the love in your life. It doesn’t always have to be romantic—you can also focus on your friendships, your pets, your passions in life, and anything else that brings you joy. Think about those who are most important to you, and find a way to incorporate what you love into your ritual. Tonight is a good night to create art, play music, dance, write, or do whatever it is that you love.

Don’t forget self-love! Take a relaxing bath surrounded by your favorite candles and crystals to maximize the powerful full moon energy. If you’re not sure what color candles are best to amplify your intentions, check out this color guide for candle magic.

Decorating Your Altar for the Pink Moon

Spring cleaning is an important part of the season (and Ostara). Now is a good time to clear off your altar, give it a thorough dusting, and make sure the items you return to it are important and align with your goals. Change is good. Redecorate in a way that makes you happy.

Pink, white, and silver are good colors to incorporate. You might also consider adding heart-shaped treasures, freshly cut spring flowers, and any other spring decorations on hand.

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 For more information on full moons, see the 2022 full moon calendar with names, dates, and meanings here.

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