What is a Snow Moon? The February Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

What is a Snow Moon? The February Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

Every month has at least one full moon, and each moon has a name.

Centuries ago, early Native American tribes relied on the season’s flora, fauna, weather, and activities to christen each full moon of the month as a way of keeping track of time without the 365-day calendar. The Snow Moon is also sometimes referred to as the Hunger Moon, Bone Moon, and Bear Moon.

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When Is the Snow Moon?

The Snow Moon is February’s full moon. It comes after the Wolf Moon that starts the year’s full moon cycle and the Worm Moon that arrives with spring.

The Snow Moon will reach its peak on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 1:29 p.m. ET.

Snow Moon Meaning: Why It’s Called a Snow Moon

The Snow Moon was aptly named for February’s historically harsh conditions and heavy snowfalls. In the northern hemisphere, this cold, dark month of scarcity was a difficult time for hunters, which is why the moon earned additional names like “Hunger Moon” and “Bone Moon” associated with famine.

Spiritual Meaning: How to Honor the Snow Moon

Despite the bleakness of some of its associated names, this moon is a hopeful sign of spring on the horizon.

The Snow Moon reminds us that there is a source of light in the darkness, that the storm is nearly over, and that warmth will soon return to awaken the sleeping world. This is the time we begin to stir and think about the bird songs and buds of spring’s thaw.

With the Wolf Moon, we planned our resolutions and goals for the new year. Now, we start to focus on our course of action to see them come to fruition.

The spirit starts to feel restless. Think about how the seeds and bulbs in the frozen soil are gathering their energy right now in preparation for rapid growth soon. We should be preparing as well. We are awakening, and we are gathering the motivation, energy, resolve, and plan to enter the growing season with positivity and confidence.

Focus on that energy. Let it revitalize you so you can shake off the lingering sleepiness of the winter and get to work. Fire is a powerful element of Imbolc, and it works well with the Snow Moon as well. Use candles with your rituals to focus on the light, warmth, and life. All this building energy makes the Snow Moon an ideal time to make moon water and charge your crystals as well.

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